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It is important to tell the Council your views on their latest pre-Submission draft District Plan (November 2014), as it it is your main opportunity to ask the Council to change its preferred options.

The Council must review the comments/objections before finalising the Submission draft and sending to the Government Inspector. 

The District Council must pass on your objections to the Inspector but they will be able to summarise them so it is important to say that you object, not just to the District Plan but also to the 'Sustainability Appraisal' and the 'Habitats Regulations Assessment'.  These documents are necessary evidence for the District Plan and are in the PRC's view seriously flawed.  The Habitats Assessment has particular implications for East Grinstead and the surrounding villages which lie within the 7km buffer zone around Ashdown Forest.

The Inspector will have to apply some quite technical 'Tests of Soundness' which means that we have had to use some planning jargon in the responses to prevent MSDC attempts to dismiss objections.

You should make clear that you OBJECT to the proposals not simply because you do not like them, but that

  • they are NOT SOUND and that
  • they have not been produced according to the law and national planning guidance (the National Planning Policy Framework - NPPF).

(If you have made previous representations to MSDC on the EGAAP, the Core Strategy or the 2013 District Plan then it is worthwhile referring MSDC to these in your response as they should hold them on file).

You should add your personal details and can edit the draft response before e-mailing it to MSDC

Easy to use response forms in MSWord format: 

Download MSWord Response Form (Long Version) HERE 

Download MSWord Response Form (Shorter Version) HERE

The Council has not made significant changes in this latest draft plan, so the points made in the printed PRC leaflet produced for the 2013 draft plan remain valid, and we leave it here for background information. 

View 2013 Leaflet HERE



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