Failed 2013 Plan

In July 2013 the District Council Leadership ignored the results of the public consultation and pressed forward with their plan, submitting it to the Secretary of State. 

By then the plan was five years behind schedule and  was already causing planning chaos by allowing developers to argue that the lack of an up-to-date plan triggered the 'presumption in favour of development' that the Government's National Planning Framework NPPF imposes.

After just one day's hearing the Inspector halted the public Examination and told MSDC to withdraw the plan becuase it had not even met the first hurdle - the 'Duty-to-co-perate'.

The response from the Council Leadership was to write to the Chief Inspector to protest that the Inspector had acted unreasonably.  

Nothing could have been further from the truth, the Inspector had bent over backwardfs to help the Council show that it has met this entry level test.

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