East Grinstead Neighbourhood Plan

The East Grinstead Neighbourhood Plan - EGNP [Click Here] was 'made' on 2nd November 2016, following a 93% vote supporting it at Referendum on 20 October 2016.

The EGNP largely replaces Chapter 12 of the (current) 2004 Mid Sussex Local Plan MSLP [Click Here] that sets out the specific development issues at East Grinstead, including the two main constraints on development at East Grinstead now covered by Neighbourhood Plan policies, notably:

  • Traffic - Policy EG11
  • Environmental - Policies EG1, EG2, EG14, EG16

Neighbourhhod Plans were introduced through the 2012 Localism Act and their importance is being clarified and underpinned in the Neighbourhood Plan Bill currently going through Parlaiment [Click Here].


The EGNP is an important consideration, guiding decision-making when deciding planning applications.  It will sit alongside the Mid Sussex District Plan - MSDP in the Local Development Framework - LDF - once this is adopted, and will carry similar weight.



East Grinstead Neighbourhood Plan - EGNP
[Click Here]
Mid Sussex Local Plan - MSLP
[Click Here]
Neighbourhood Planning Bill  [Click Here]

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