Hill Place Farm Objection Forms

Hill Place Farm – the Thin End of the Wedge

Linden Homes have made an application for a first phase of development on Hill Place Farm.  This development is substantial but has been kept carefully below the threshold to avoid detailed environmental and transport assessments.

The first phase is for 200 homes.


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[ Draft Objection Form - short version ]

[ Draft Objection Form - long version ]


Please e-mail your applications to both:

Steve Ashdown - Case Officer MSDC Planning



Julie Holden - East Grinstead Town Clerk


It is going to be considered at EGTC’s planning committee on Monday 9th March at 7pm in the Main Hall at East Court.

The developers and MSDC, who want to cram many hundreds of houses around East Grinstead without infrastructure and with no regard to the views of residents, the local economy or the environment, hope to set a precedent with this application. 

To make it the Thin End of the Wedge.

Please Help us stop this - Act Today

With the proposed SANGS at Ashplats and Hill Place Farm MSDC think that they can force another 2400 or so homes on East Grinstead.


The Hill Place Farm development would act as the thin end of the wegde opening the door for other developers to breach the urban boundary.

Linden Homes can be stopped but we need you to help by acting today.

We have prepared a draft response with what we think are the most important planning arguments against the application. 



It is most important that East Grinstead Councillors vote to oppose the Linden Homes Trojan Horse vigourously to send a clear message to the District Council who will be considering the application as the election approaches.

You can check your own District Councillor's e-mail address  [ Click Here ] and put in your post code or visit the [Town Council website] for Town Councillors

Please attend the East Grinstread Town Council Planning Committee on Monday 9th March at  7.00pm - East Court Main Hall - if you can





New EG Transport Report by JUBB Consulting shows that congestion on the EG local road network is already 'severe' and that there is no capacity for more houses


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