Potential housebuilding sites

The District Council is required by law to provide an assessment of all sites that might possibly come forward to deliver housing.  This is called the [SHLAA - Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment] - as part of preparing its local development plan.  This document is meant to be reviewed periodically and updated. 

MSDC produced their first SHLAA in 2009 to support the proposed draft Core Strategy, that was later abandoned.  That 2009 SHLAA was removed from the MSDC website and there has not been a replacement. 

The Council is obliged to consult on the conclusions of the SHLAA, which they have arrived at as result of deliberations of the 'panel'.  This panel is substantially made up of those with interests in promoting development.

The District Council failed to provide a SHLAA during consultation on the pre-submission District Plan, that ran from October 2011 to January 2012, so preventing the public from seeing their assessments of sites or to commenting on them.

Throughout the consultation on the 2013 draft District Plan there was no SHLAA available.

Latest SHLAA being withheld

The Council has revealed that the up-date SHLAA they have produced in secret will not be made available until after the current consultation on the new draft District Plan (published November 2014)  ends.

Sites that MSDC have decided are 'suitable' for development 

  • Listed       HERE
  • Mapped    HERE


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