Current MS Local Plan

With the revocation of the South East Plan in early 2013 and the formal withdrawal of the draft District Plan in January 2014, the 2004 Local Plan is the principal document of the local development plan.

All planning applications should be assessed against its planning policies.

What the Local Plan says about development in East Grinstead

The current Mid Sussex Local Plan was adopted in 2004.  It contains an entire chapter on East Grinstead and spells out the need for planning restraint.



As a result of these environmental and highway constraints, and the current uncertainties relating to future highway and transport provision the overall strategy for the future development of East Grinstead is one of restraint.

It is proposed that there are only very modest amounts of new housing or business development at East Grinstead over the Plan period, with only a small number of allocated sites, mostly within or adjacent to the existing built up area. In the case of housing, five sites are allocated which together are estimated to have a capacity of up to 179 dwellings..."


More from adopted Mid Sussex Local PLan  HERE

EG Farmers' Market


"....This Local Plan consists of a Written Statement and a Proposals Map.  The Written Statement sets out the Local Planning Authority’s policies and proposals for the plan area together with a reasoned justification for them. The policies and proposals can be easily distinguished from the supporting text.

The supporting text is, however, part of the adopted plan and carries full weight, for example in the way it explains how the policies and proposals will be interpreted or implemented....."


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